The Evangelicals – A New Christianity for the Third Millennium?

Een artikel van Valentina Ciciliot

Valentina Ciciliot

Evangelical Christianity has represented for the past two centuries perhaps the most successfully diffused and popularized expression of Christianity at a global level.

Indeed, the growth of evangelical Christianity continues unabated, especially in the global south. Evangelical Christianity’s principal feature consist in its understanding of conversion, its advocacy of the importance of being “born again”, understood as the witnessing of the faith through a range of evangelical activities, with a particular focus on Bible readings, literally interpreted.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the evangelical world in general, and to analyze in particular the factors behind its growing dissemination and tremendous global success. Understanding the flexibility of the evangelical message and the ways in which it has adapted to different historical and geographical contexts is however only the first step in attempting to answer the question posed in the title of this article, namely whether or not the future of Christianity is evangelical.

Yet the investigation proposed must be accompanied and indeed is driven by the methodological problem of whether the very definition of “evangelical” current today is excessively strained by its ascription to a remarkably broad, all-encompassing, and indeed ever expanding, movement.


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